Health update and a Kona Kase review

I had an appointment yesterday with a pulmonary specialist.  He couldn’t really give me a reason why I have pleurisy.  Usually, people have pleurisy because of a serious illness like pneumonia or tuberculosis or because of trauma to that region of the body.  I have not been sick and definitely haven’t had any trauma that would have caused this.  It’s pretty frustrating to not know why this happened, especially since I have never had any lung issues in the past.  I can tell you that if one more person suggests that running in the cold or running in general caused this, I may lose my mind.  Running and running in the cold does NOT cause a pleural effusion to develop in a person’s lung.

I was scheduled for a breathing test in this fancy machine, but they decided to skip it since breathing makes my pain worse

I was scheduled for a breathing test in this fancy machine, but they decided to skip it since breathing makes my pain worse

The pulmonologist put me on an anti-inflammatory until my follow up appointment next week.  In the meantime, I had another chest X-ray to check to see if the pleural effusion has gotten bigger since my last X-ray 2 weeks ago (if it has, it may need to be drained :().  Since I’m breastfeeding, I obviously have to be careful about the medications I take. When the doctor prescribed Naproxen, I requested to switch to Ibuprofen.  Naproxen is safe while breastfeeding for occasional use, but not recommended for continued use; whereas, Ibuprofen is one of the safest that can be taken (this is a really useful chart for other nursing moms).  I’m crossing my fingers that the Ibuprofen will help.  That’s what the hospital originally prescribed and I did start to feel better after I took it for a few days.  I’m hoping that being on a longer course of it will be what I need.

It's like getting a present because what's inside is a surprise!

It’s like getting a present because what’s inside is a surprise

In more exciting news, Kona Kase kindly sent me a box to review.  If you haven’t heard of Kona Kase yet, it’s a really cool monthly box delivered straight to your door with different nutritional products.  I was really impressed with the products in the box they sent me.  I’m currently not eating dairy (my little nursling doesn’t tolerate it well) so I sadly couldn’t try everything in my box.  That’s what husband’s are for though.  Hubby really liked the Rickland Orchards Greek Yogurt bar (not pictured below because he ate it before I took the pic :)).  I really want those caramel cups so I may or may not have put them in a safe place for when I re-introduce dairy into my diet.

So many yummy things to try!

So many yummy things to try!

My favorite thing in my Kona Kase was the Zing Chocolate Coconut bar.  It was dairy-free and tasted kind of like a Mounds or Almond Joy.  The Journey Savory bar was interesting.  Most energy bars are really sweet which bothers me sometimes because I don’t always want something sweet.  The savory bar was a nice change.

Chunky baby tried to steal it

Chunky baby tried to steal my Zing bar

This Zing bar seriously tastes like candy

This Zing bar seriously tastes like candy


  • Great variety
  • A lot of stuff in one box
  • Opportunity to try new energy bars and snacks that you may not otherwise buy
  • Free shipping on your box
  • Can cancel anytime
  • Discount for multi-month memberships
  • If you consider how much these kind of nutritional products cost on their own, $15 is an amazing deal for this many products to try each month.
  • A hand written note in my box.  May not sound like a big deal, but it sure was a nice personal touch that immediately made me appreciate the box that they sent even more.



  • If you have dietary restrictions, you may get stuck with things you can’t eat

I was really impressed with my Kona Kase box.  There were a lot of things to try in it so I think that certainly makes the $15 per month fee worthwhile.  If you want to try Kona Kase, use code FF2 and your first month will be only $10!

Happy running!


Disclaimer: Kona Kase sent me a box free of charge to review as a Fitfluential Ambassador. I was not obligated to give them a positive review. All opinions expressed are my own.


  1. Kristen T says

    My hubby had pleurisy about 6 years ago; like your case the doctors could not figure out what brought it on. I wish well and a speedy recovery! That picture of your little guy is adorable!

  2. says

    Sorry you are still struggling with the pleurisy!! I hope the anti-inflammatory helps. Your post reminded me I need to stock up no the ibuprofen. Not sure why that was not on my original postpartum shopping list!!

    PS – Ezra is soooo cute. I can’t believe how big he is getting!
    Michelle recently posted…Weekend Ups and DownsMy Profile

  3. says

    Ugh. I’m sorry you’re still not feeling well. Pleurisy sounds awful. I’ve been thinking of you and hoping you’re feeling better. (This post is 3 days old, so hopefully things are looking up for you by now…)
    Jamie recently posted…CapCity Half Marathon RecapMy Profile

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