Race Recap: Musical Madness 5K

Last Thursday, my husband asked me if I wanted to run in a 5K in our neighborhood on Saturday.  My immediate answer was “Hell no, I’m too slow for a 5K.”  I’ve been wanting to hold off on running a 5K until I can improve my pace a little.  I haven’t run an official 5K race in 2 years.  The last one I ran was the Baltimore Women’s Classic in 2011 and I was pushing the stroller.  I’ve run unofficial 5Ks the past 2 years on Thanksgiving.  Other than those races, the last time I ran a 5K was back in 2007 and I don’t even remember my time! I know it was above 30 minutes though.

I decided to run the 5K even though I knew it probably wouldn’t go as well as I was hoping.  Not only am I slower since my return to running after having the baby, but I’ve only been back to running for a week and half after taking a break for a few weeks after the More Fitness Half because of my pleurisy.  The pain in my chest/back has gotten much better, but I still don’t feel 100% when I breathe.  Even though, I’m not having the sharp pain when I breathe, I still have a hard time sometimes taking in a full breath of air.

My sweet husband not only encouraged me to run the race, but he even went and registered me at packet pickup Friday afternoon.  I’m so lucky :).  On Saturday morning, I planned to run a mile to warm up before heading to the starting line.  Baby duties made it a little tough to get out of the house as early as I planned so instead, I just ran about half a mile to the starting line.  It was a small race – just under 200 runners.

I made a typical stupid mistake in the first mile – I started way too fast.  Remember, I’ve been back to running for a week and a half and my typical pace these days is about a 10:30 mile.  My first mile of the 5K was 8:58.  Sure, it was exciting to see that I could get my pace under 9 minutes, BUT that wasn’t sustainable by any stretch for me.  I felt alright in the second mile, but there was a good bit of uphill so my pace slowed to 9:24.  The last mile was pretty ugly.  I knew I had a huge hill to climb and I wasn’t sure how I was going to make it up that beast.  I even considered walking, but I was not going to let myself walk in a 5K.  Plus, I was wearing my Badass Mother Runner tank – I couldn’t walk wearing that shirt!

Mommy, I am not impressed with your time

Mommy, I am not impressed

I managed to drag myself across the finish line with my last mile being 9:30.  There was no chip timing, but my clock time was 28:51.  I know that’s not a terrible finish time.  I should just be happy to have been able to finish with how out of shape I felt, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t hoping for something a little better.  Because I haven’t run many 5Ks, my time is still a PR so there’s that! Now I have something to work toward improving.  One major perk of this being such a small race is that I even managed to place 3rd in my age group! I’ve never placed before so that’s pretty exciting for me :).

Official time: 28:51

Sex place: 38/91

Age place: 3/15

Overall: 110/198


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