Racking up the double stroller miles

I just posted last week about my introduction to double stroller running and how it hasn’t been easy. Since I know it’s not easy, you’d think I would plan better than to do a silly thing like go for a 10 mile run with that beast. Not so much.

My husband and I planned to run together with the kids Saturday morning at a local park for a change of scenery.  The park (Lake Elkhorn for my local readers) has a path that connects to the Patuxent Branch Trail.  I’ve been running at this park for years and I didn’t know that.  I had seen the part where the path splits off, but I didn’t know where it went so I never explored it.

It’s a really nice mostly paved path that runs along the Little Patuxent River.  It’s not what would be considered real “trail running” because the path is paved, but it was such a nice change to run through the woods instead of on a neighborhood sidewalk.  The paved path turned into a crushed gravel path at one point; luckily it was pretty smooth so it was fine with the stroller.  We did slow it down a bit to be on the safe side.

Screen Shot 2013-06-18 at 1.25.38 PM

I pushed the stroller for the first 4 miles, then hubby took a turn.  He said, “Wow, this is really hard!” Um, obviously. I took the stroller back from him at mile 6 and I pushed the kids the rest of the way.  It’s obvious who is the stronger one in this family :).

At mile 8, we were still 2 miles from the car when Zain said he needed to use the potty……so my kid got a chance to poop in the woods for the first time.  That was fun.

The last 2 miles of the run were pretty tough because I wasn’t exactly prepared for a 10 mile run.  My longest run recently had been 5 miles so yeah, 10 miles was a bit of a jump, especially with the double stroller.

It was a tough run but it felt like a great accomplishment to hit double digits again – for the first time since the More Fitness Half – and to go on a long run as a family.  That was Ezra’s first long run and he did great – it helps to start them young!

Sunday, we started hubby’s Father’s Day celebration off with another family run.  I didn’t feel like much of a recovery run pushing the stroller, but the miles do go by quicker running together.  We also hit the gym for some strength training.  I am TERRIBLE about sticking with a strength training routine, but I know I need to do it, especially being injury prone.

Monday was a much needed rest day.  Today, I only ran 3 solo miles, but it was tough.  The heat and humidity really slowed me down.  I need to work on running earlier in the morning when it’s cooler, but it’s so hard to drag myself out of bed early after a night of broken sleep.  My kids will let me sleep at night again at some point, right?

Happy running!

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    • Kristen says

      Absolutely. I’m not that much faster without it, but there is definitely a difference. The times I notice the biggest difference are when I push the stroller for a few miles then either pass it off to my husband or he takes the kids home and I continue on my run. Then I feel so light and free after having pushed the stroller!

  1. says

    10 miles with a double? Pure awesomeness! The most I’ve ever run with mine is 6 and it was the longest run of my life. BTW – my hubs only lasts a couple of miles pushing the stroller when we run together too. It’s obvious the mama’s have all the strength. ;)
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