Single stroller running and my first obstacle race

I thought I’d find more time to blog once Zain was back in school, but it turns out that this little guy keeps me quite busy in the mornings.


Usually he takes a morning nap, but it doesn’t give me much time to get a whole lot done.  Sometimes we spend his nap running.


I’ve come to really appreciate how easy it is to run with just Ezra in the single jogging stroller.  He feels SO light compared to the double.


Speaking of jogging stroller running, I had a solid month of every single run (except for one race) being with one or both kids in the stroller since I gave up heart rate training.  I finally got to run alone over the weekend and I felt so liberated.  I almost didn’t know what to do with my arms without something to push in front of me.

The one race I did was the Diva Dash – a women’s 3 mile obstacle race.  I’ve never done an obstacle race before but I have watched my husband do a Warrior Dash, 2 Tough Mudders, and a Spartan race. I thought the whole obstacle race thing looked fun but I wasn’t really that into doing one myself. A group of neighbor friends asked if I wanted to do the Diva Dash which is a less intense version of obstacle racing. The obstacles included things like climbing over a pile of tires, climbing a wall, monkey bars, walking over a seesaw, etc. I have to admit I enjoyed the race more than I thought I would. It took us 35 minutes to complete the 3 mile race that had about 10 obstacles. We had a lot of fun. I wore the brightest outfit I’ve ever worn for a race, but we definitely did not stand out – this race was a blur of tutus, pink, purple, and sparkles.


Next up was supposed to be the Woodrow Wilson Bridge Half Marathon on Sunday.  Thanks to the government shutdown, the race has been postponed until 11/10.

Happy running!


  1. Kelly says

    That obstacle race sounds like fun! It is much easier to run with the single once you get used to the double.

  2. says

    I’ve done 1 obstacle race and I think I’m good. LOL. I did the Warrior Dash here in Budds Creek MD and I was sore for days. I’ll stick to distance races. :)

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