Energy Bits winner and what’s next

The winner of the Energy Bits/Recovery Bits is Pam Gordon! I hope you enjoy your bits as much as I do.

The Recovery Bits saved me again this week.  Both boys had colds with coughs, fevers, and runny noses.  I took my Recovery Bits (12 bits, 3 times a day) every day.  Despite being covered in baby snot and drool and being coughed on all day long, I never got sick.  Success.

For those of you that entered and did not win, don’t forget you can use the code therunningmom at for 30% your order!


I’ve been trying to figure out what my next running goal is.  I waffle back and forth between wanting to run longer and wanting to run faster – I want to do both, but I know I need to focus on just one right now.  I was contemplating registering for a local 50K in February.  I know I want to run an ultramarathon one day, but I’m not sure if now is the right time.  My other goal is to improve my pace.  I lost all the speed I had built up after I had Zain during my pregnancy with Ezra and I still haven’t been able to get it back since I had him.  My running can be categorized as pre-baby #1, post-baby#1/pre-baby #2, and now post-baby #2.  Each stage of my running has been so different.

Contained and happy

Contained and happy

Aside from my pace and distance goals, there are other things I have to figure out as a running mom, like how to take a shower.  We’ve kept a pack ‘n play in our bathroom since Zain was born. That way after I ran with him, there was a safe place to contain him.  Now Zain is old enough to just hang out in my bedroom while I shower and I keep Ezra in the pack ‘n play.  Every once in a while though, Zain likes to hang out with Ezra.



Would you rather run faster or run longer? Or both? I think the best path might be for me to work on my pace first with shorter distances then progress to longer distances next year.  My 2 very slow half marathons this year certainly have me itching to improve my pace, but I also have feel the need to try a new race distance which is why the 50K is appealing.  Decisions, decisions.



  1. Chris says

    Hey! Are you doing the running mom’s 100 mile challenge this Dec-Feb?? Just curious. It was a great motivator last year. Just wondering if you are going to do it again.

  2. Andrea says

    I still haven’t fully bounced back to my old self from having c-section #2. As much as I wanted to do a full marathon this past fall (or even this spring), I knew/ know I’d get injured because my core is still weak and my mileage base isn’t strong enough. I suspect even though you avoided another c-section, you’re probably in a similar boat. So, here’s my thought. Unless you have a good mileage base like 50 miles per week, I wouldn’t tackle the ultra this year. Work on getting fast on the shorter distances now through March/April, and maybe do a half in the spring and fall marathon?

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