Race Recap: Woodrow Wilson Bridge Half Marathon

A race with views like this should not be missed

How could you not love a race with views like this?

The Woodrow Wilson Half Marathon was supposed to take place in early October, but was postponed due to the government shutdown.  The date change happened to work out in our favor though because we celebrated our anniversary (12 years since we started dating back in high school) the day before.  We usually celebrate every year by going out to dinner or to the movies, but this year our “date” was to run 13.1 miles together.

It was a point-to-point race so we had to park at the finish line at the National Harbor and take a shuttle to the start at Mt. Vernon.  The race started at 7:00am…that meant we needed to leave our house at 4:30am so get to National Harbor in time to catch the shuttle.  Waking up at 3:45am (and having been up twice during the night with the baby) was just a wee bit rough.

It was 36 degrees outside and my husband and I were both wearing shorts and t-shirts.  A guy on the shuttle asked us if we were from Alaska.  Yes, we were cold in the beginning, but it was worth it to be dressed lightly since it warmed up to the 50s during the race.

We had to wait outside for an hour at Mt. Vernon.  We stupidly didn’t bring anything warm to wear before the race because we didn’t think we’d have to wait around for so long.  Luckily, we were able to snuggle up to keep warm.

What a romantic date standing out in the cold before the sun comes up

Once the race finally started, I wasn’t feeling so hot.  Shivering in the cold for an hour left me feeling stiff and I had a cramp in my side.  Luckily I warmed up by the second mile and felt fine from then on. 

A nice lady at the start offered us her space blanket since we looked cold. My husband ran wearing it like a cape for the first 2 miles #embarrassing

A nice lady at the start offered us her space blanket since we looked cold. My husband ran wearing it like a cape for the first 2 miles #embarrassing

A beautiful fall day for a race

A beautiful fall day for a race

He's my BRF (best running friend)

He’s my BRF (best running friend)

The first 8 miles flew by.  We weren’t running with any time goals and we both just wanted to take it easy and enjoy the race together.  It was a gorgeous scenic route with rolling hills along the water.  Here are how our slow splits went down:

  • Mile 1 – 10:54
  • Mile 2 – 10:58
  • Mile 3 – 15:08 (Pee break with a long port-a-pot line)
  • Mile 4 – 10:54
  • Mile 5 – 10:48
  • Mile 6 – 10:21
  • Mile 7 – 10:26
  • Mile 8 – 11:25 (Another pee break)
  • Mile 9 – 11:08
  • Mile 10 – 10:47
We could see the Woodrow Wilson Bridge in the distance. Almost there!

We could see the Woodrow Wilson Bridge in the distance. Almost there!


Running over the Woodrow Wilson Bridge. OMG so sunny, can’t open our eyes.

I started to feel a little tired during mile 10 so I took some Energy Bits.  I was a nice wife and had some packed for my hubby.  Thank goodness for those little bits of magic.  It is amazing the difference I felt within minutes of taking them.  You can see how much my pace improved after taking them:

  • Mile 11 – 9:55 Energy Bits kicked in!
  • Mile 12 – 10:19 (mostly uphill…why are there always hills at the end of races? It’s so rude)
  • Mile 13 – 9:16 Pretty fast compared to our average pace the rest of the race

Our official finish time was 2:24:46. 

Our time was far from a PR for either of us.  My half PR stands at 1:58 from Iron Girl last year…it’s hard to imagine running at that pace now.  It seems like ever since I had Ezra, my body does not want to move any faster.  That little bit of speed has to come back at some point, right? Our time was still a whole minute faster than my time at the More Fitness Half in April.  It could have even been a little bit better without bathroom breaks (I’m obviously trying to console myself here :)).  The important thing was that we had a great time running together.

Slow and steady wins the race…wait no, not quite, but we finished and we’re still smiling

I think it’s amazing to see how our splits improved after we took Energy Bits.  That’s really what it means to be Powered by Bits! Remember to enter my giveaway for a sample of Energy Bits or Recovery Bits.  If you’re ready to buy your own bag of bits and feel the amazing energy you can get from 100% organic spirulina, head on over to EnergyBits.com and enter code therunningmom at checkout for 30% off!

Happy Running!


  1. Melissa H says

    Amazing story of true love and like a relationship too!!! Some times faster and better than others but overall end goal of being together and accomplishing the same finish line is true!!!

    Love u both!

    Ps: your “slow” time together with breaks is still 2 min faster than my PR half time haha ;-)

    • Kristen says

      You are well on your way to getting your speed back with your half time from this weekend, especially running with bruised ribs! You will have to teach me your secrets :).

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