What I love lately

I used to do posts on Fridays about my favorite things, but that was like 2 years ago.  Time to start sharing some of my current faves.

These guys.  Obviously.

“Ezra, let me see your teeth.”


The weather shield for my BOB Duallie.  I loved using the weather shield on my single BOB back in the day when I just ran with Zain.  I wasn’t sure if I should get the shield for the double since I didn’t know how much I’d be running with it.  After a few cold runs, I decided it was necessary.  The shield is perfect for keeping the boys toasty and protected from the wind.  I still bundle them up, but with the shield on, Zain’s hands are warm enough that he doesn’t need his mittens which makes his stroller snacking much easier. 

It even works with Ezra’s sunshade mostly down.
The kid freaks out if the sun gets in his eyes even for a second.


Energy Bits.  I can’t say it enough.  I love my Energy Bits.  The baby woke up 3 times last night…bits to the rescue today

Moving Comfort sports bras.  I love the Juno sports bra.  Not only is it super supportive when I run, it also is really easy to nurse in.  The straps detach with velcro similar to a nursing bra.

My makeshift standing desk.  My husband converted to a standing desk at work earlier this year after all the talk about how bad sitting is for us.  It is certainly habitual to sit down while doing work.  As part of my health coaching certification program, I have to participate in coaching circle calls throughout the program.  I chose a 10pm time slot for mine to ensure the kids would be sleeping.  As I was sitting at my desk last night for the call, I thought I was going to fall asleep in my chair.  I had this crazy idea – hey, maybe I should stand up.  It worked and I was able to better participate in the discussion. Plus it’s hard to fall asleep standing up.  Once I start grad school in January, I’ll have spend more time on the computer so maybe sitting less will help me stay alert enough to get my work done. 

The guest room dresser makes a nice desk, aside from the TV in
my face. I might need to move the mirror so I don’t
have to stare at myself.


What are some of your favorite things right now? I’m on the hunt for new warm running tights for the winter. Who has a recommendation for me?

You have a chance to win some of my favorite running things in the Winter 100 Challenge…go sign up!

(This is not a sponsored post.)


  1. Jesse says

    How do you like the double bob? When did you start running with your youngest in it? I have a single BOB that I adore, but debating between the double and a chariot when #2 comes along in the spring. My oldest will be 3, so we wont’ have much use for a double stroller other than for running.

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