Last year, the miles in my Winter 100 Challenge log filled up quickly so I didn’t really experience what a “challenge” it really was.  Had I not been training for the Rock ‘n’ Roll USA Marathon, it definitely would have been more difficult because I wouldn’t have had that training calendar to keep me logging the miles.

During the first week of the 2012-2013 Winter 100 Challenge, I logged a whopping 5 miles of walking.  I hadn’t been logging my walks in Dailymile like I used to.  Once the challenge started though, I needed to keep track.  The week started off well, but I’ve had a cold that has gotten progressively worse over the course of the week.  If I wasn’t pregnant and was able to run, I’d probably suck it up a bit more and still get out there.  However, given how bad I feel and how very much pregnant I am, physical activity doesn’t have much of an appeal to me.  I’m hoping this cold will let up a little soon because it’s been kicking my butt.  Having a really bad cough at 35.5 weeks pregnant seriously sucks.

I really appreciate the Winter 100 Challenge more this year since I see what a real challenge it is.  A little over 33 miles a month is certainly doable for anyone I think.  This year though, I’m seeing how it’s going to take me a while to get up to 100, something that came relatively easily last year.

In the meantime, I’m less than a month from my due date (how did that happen?!) and I think we’re just about ready for baby boy #2′s arrival.  My hospital bag is half packed – the half that is packed is all snacks.  So at least we’ll have things to munch on during our hospital stay even if we don’t have clothes and toiletries.  We have our name choices narrowed down, but quite not nailed down just yet.  We have our BOB Duallie waiting for another passenger.  Zain loves the stroller already and always wants to sit in it.  I, on the otherhand, am more than a little terrified of it’s size and the thought of pushing it!

The other major thing I’m trying to get done before the baby’s arrival is Zain’s big boy room.  We’re turning our guest room into Zain’s new room and keeping the nursery as is for the new baby.  Since I can’t do anything the simple way, I’m making extra work for myself to make his room super awesome.  He loves planes, trains, cars, boats, etc so we got him the Transit Authority bedding from The Land of Nod.  I couldn’t find any artwork or decals that matched it well enough for the walls.  Sooooooo, I decided to trace some of the images (7 of them to be exact) from the comforter, transfer them to the wall and paint them.

The reason I’m ambitious enough to do this is because I did something similar for the nursery when I was pregnant with Zain.  Except that time, I found a website that sold this really cool silhouette that you transfer onto the wall then paint.

It was a ton of work, but it turned out so well that I wanted to do something like that for Zain’s new room.  The best part is that we’ve been keeping that room’s door shut so he doesn’t know about it.  I can’t wait to see how excited he is when he sees all his favorite things in his new room!

So it’s back to painting for me and hopefully back to walking again soon when this nasty cough decides to give me a break!

Happy running! If you’re doing the Winter 100 Challenge, how did the first week go for you?