I’m no stranger to running injuries.  I dealt with some weird ones while I trained for the Marine Corps Marathon.  I say “weird” because my doctor couldn’t really put a name to my injury.  Basically, I had really terrible arch pain when I ran and in the end, I needed more arch support in my shoes.  A pretty simple solution, but it took a while to figure it out.

Leading up to the Baltimore Marathon and even more so while training for the Rock ‘N’ Roll USA Marathon, I had knee problems.  I was diagnosed with a typical case of runner’s knee.  I still have have it, but it’s not bad enough that I can’t keep running.  My left knee gets stiff and achy sometimes during my runs or afterward.  However, it rarely hurts bad enough to keep me from running.  There have been a handful of times I’ve had to skip a run or cut one short, but nothing too serious.

During my first attempt to run after the Iron Girl Half Marathon this past week, I had a sharp pain in my foot that was enough to stop me in my tracks.  I’ve never had pain like this while running.  It’s along the outside edge of my foot, just past my arch.  I literally could not run it hurt so bad during that first attempted run.  The odd thing was that I didn’t even have a hint of this pain before taking my first running steps.

The next day, I tried to run again.  I pushed myself through 2.4 miles, but I had to stop and walk several times when the pain got to be too much.  Ultimately, I had to stop completely because I was too uncomfortable.

I haven’t been to the doctor yet.  I know my mom is reading this and she’s going to call me in 5 minutes to tell me to call the doctor (right, mom?).  Since it came on so quickly, I want to see if maybe it will go away quickly too (I know that’s wishful thinking).  Consulting with Dr. Google, I have narrowed it down to 3 possibilities plantar fasciitis, peroneal tendonitis or stress fracture.  I don’t think it’s PF because I had a mild form of that in the past and this feels different.  Between peroneal tendonitis and a stress fracture, I think it’s most likely peroneal tendonitis – and that’s obviously what I’d rather it be.

I’m supposed to run the Maryland Half Marathon on Sunday and I cannot even express how excited I am for this race.  It was my first distance race last year since having Zain.  I was really looking forward to another race with my husband.  However, my stupid foot still flippin’ hurts.  It’s been sore since my short run on Wednesday.  It hurts if I stand or walk for too long.  I’d imagine 13.1 miles won’t feel so great.

I’m going to see how it feels tomorrow by going for a little test run; then I’ll decide if I’ll be up for Sunday’s race.  I’m honestly not feeling too optimistic.  I’m seriously bummed though since I had such a great race last weekend!

My saving grace for my runner’s knee has been KT Tape.  The patellar knee band did not work for me at all.  KT Tape applied with this runner’s knee application is amazing.  You sort of can see it on my knee in this picture:

KT Tape also has an application for peroneal tendonitis.  How perfect! Since that is my current self diagnosis, I taped my foot up this morning and will see if this helps throughout the day.

In the meantime, I have come to the conclusion that nothing makes you want to go for a run more than not being able to run.  I’m already going crazy, but I have no choice but to take it easy.  Since I hope to not entirely lose my fitness while I rest and figure out this issue, I’m going to head out for a bike ride with my 30lbs of cargo.

Would anyone else like to diagnose my mystery injury? :)

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