Pretty shoes and a POPSUGAR giveaway

Just because I discovered that minimalist running is the right thing for me, does not mean that I don’t feel the need to try ALL the shoes.  I love my Altra Intuition 1.5s, but I keep seeing these really cool Skora running shoes on Twitter and Instagram.  I had a really hard time deciding which [...]

I can run!

With Ezra in the car seat, he's in the perfect position for Zain to harass him

Not that I’ve tried just yet, but I am allowed to! First of all, thank you to everyone for all the comments, tweets and Facebook messages of well wishes in the past few days.  And many thanks to my wonderful parents for helping us out this weekend! All I had to say was I wasn’t [...]

Realizing the shoes are the problem


I’ve gotten a lot of e-mails from readers who have found my blog by searching for different running injuries. Those emails prompted me to dig through the search terms to see how people were finding my blog.  I think the number of people finding me by searching for jogging stroller recommendations was equal to the [...]

Energy Bits Winner & Some Running Updates

Bits of goodness just waiting to power me through a run

First of all, here’s the important stuff: The winner of the Energy Bits sample pack is……Esteban! I hope you like the Energy Bits as much as I do! If you didn’t win this time around, don’t forget that there is another chance to win Energy Bits or one of the other awesome prizes in the [...]

Runner’s Knee Follow Up

Before I even got back into running, my knee had been feeling kind of achy.  Sure, the added weight during my pregnancy didn’t help, but it was still hurting in the 6 weeks following giving birth where I had less extra weight on my body and was still not running.  It was hurting in the [...]

I’m back!


For the past couple weeks, I have thought about my return to running about every 10 seconds, every day, all day long.  Maybe that’s a little bit of an exaggeration, but I did actually kind of surprise myself with how anxious I was to get back out there.  I got the go ahead to start [...]

Painting, baking and running

Cake pops

It’s almost baby time! I’m 37.5 weeks so just two and a half weeks until my due date.  Although, since I’m full term, this little man is welcome to make his entrance anytime he wants now.  We can’t wait! I’m delivering at a different hospital this time so we went for a tour of the [...]