Long run legs are legs that have come to terms with their fate.  When I started off my 12 mile run this morning, my legs had not yet agreed upon the distance we were going to cover.  It wasn’t until about the 3.5 mile mark that they gave up and accepted that we were going to pound out those miles.  They didn’t protest much more until my last 2 miles where I purposely headed for some sizable hills.

Long run legs are legs that feel like they just might fall off your body when your long run is over.  After I wrapped up my 12 mile run, and walked wobbled back home, I had that achy, super sore feeling in my legs like I would have killed to dip them in an ice bath (and that’s saying something because I do not like ice baths).  It was a good sore though.  It meant I pushed myself and my legs are ready for next weekend’s half marathon.

Long run legs are legs that make your husband say, “wow, your legs are really muscular!” when you walk in the door from your run (I don’t think they really do though).  My legs do feel the strongest after long runs.  They feel strong during our weekday runs too, but nothing like after a long run.

My run ended up going really well aside from a slow start.  My average pace was 9:57 per mile (2 seconds faster than last week’s long run…baby steps to getting faster I suppose).  I finished 12.05 miles in 1:59:59.

There was a 5K race in our neighborhood this morning that I encountered when I was around mile 10.  It was exciting to see the race and got me even more pumped for our half marathon next weekend.  Although, I felt a little weird running in the opposite direction (on the other side of the street) as they were all going by.  I wanted to be in a race too!

The good news is I’m already done with the Joggermom Marathon! I logged 27 miles this week so I just need to fill out my spreadsheet and send all that stuff in now.  Yay!

Happy running!