One of Zain’s favorite activities since he could walk was to run in circles around our kitchen island. He likes for us to run with him and he’ll come up to me and say “Mama, I wanna run! Come on, mama!” It’s really the most adorable thing and it’s impossible to say no to his sweet little face. He gets such a kick out of running laps.

When we go on walks, he always asks me to run. I totally understand his need for speed since walking gets boring and I miss running like crazy. It’s pretty funny though to hear his little voice in the stroller saying “Mama, run! Run! Come on, mama!” Today, I had to do the closest thing to running I’ve done since the Turkey Trot. About a quarter of a mile from home on the way back from our walk, Zain announced quite urgently “I need to pee potty!” Ahh, the joys of potty training and attempting to leave the house. Luckily we made it home just in time.

I logged a little over 2 miles for the Winter 100 Challenge with today’s walk. I still have quite a way to go! Thankfully, I’m finally on the upswing after my terrible cold that hit last week. I still have this pesky cough lingering, but hopefully that will be gone soon.

I’ve been hearing from a lot of my Winter 100 Challenge participants and am so inspired by how well everyone is doing already. How is week 2 going for everyone?

Happy running!