What’s Beautiful

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Do you have a goal you want to accomplish this year? I do. I’m working on a campaign with FitFluential and Under Armour to help redefine What’s Beautiful. My goal is to get my body back into better running shape.  After having Ezra in December, I worked my butt off to get back into shape [...]

Body after baby #2

There's still work to be done

I always enjoy body after baby posts on other blogs so I wanted to share my story, complete with embarrassing photos… My experience with getting back in shape after having Ezra has been drastically different from after I had Zain. There are a few reasons why: When I was pregnant with Zain, I gained about [...]

The Winter 100 Challenge is officially back!

That’s right, folks. It is on starting December 1st so get ready! The challenge is basically the same for those of you that participated last year; the only exception is that there is no registration this year. Since I want to make it easy for anyone to participate whether they join the challenge in December [...]

I have good news!

I’m pregnant! Just kidding, you already knew that. But holy moly, less than 2 months until my due date.  Where has the time gone? I’d like to say my good news is that my ankle is all better, but that’s not quite it either.  It has improved significantly, but it’s not 100% yet.  Working with [...]

Still streaking

Today will be day 24 of my running streak. It’s hard to believe it’s more than halfway over. I’ve really enjoyed the extra motivation to get in at least a mile everyday since I started. Thankfully, I’ve remained injury-free. If I do feel like my body needs a break, I just make it a very [...]

Summer streaking!

Run streaking that is. I’ve never done a running streak before. Being the injury prone runner that I am, I’ve always shied away from anything that will eliminate the rest days that my legs seem to require. Runner’s World hosted a running streak challenge in December, but unfortunately, I didn’t hear about it until it [...]


Hello there

On Tuesday, as I was huffing and puffing through the first 2 miles of my 6 mile stroller run, a thought kept running through my mind – I really wish I didn’t care so much about my pace.  My comfortable pace is a 10 minute mile, but I don’t want to run a 10 minute [...]