We’ve survived a week and half in Paris and everything is pretty fantastic.  The flight here went great despite a crisis on the way to the airport.  We know Ezra is allergic to bananas and avocados so we obviously don’t give them to him.  However, we did not know that kiwi is in the same family and he had some for the first time early in the day before our flight.  On the way to the airport, he puked all over himself.  We were close enough to home to rush back and clean him up.  He threw up one more time on the way to the airport, but it wasn’t as bad as the first time.  Poor baby was wiped out from not feeling well so he slept most of the flight.






We were quite the spectacle navigating through

the airport with all this stuff


Jet lag = family nap time 

Our apartment is in the St. Germain neighborhood.  It’s an area that I have been to before, but haven’t spent a lot of time in during past trips.  We’ve really enjoyed getting to know the area and exploring the small winding streets.  Zain was very excited to go see the Eiffel Tower so went there at the beginning of last week.  Instead of taking the metro, we walked the 2 miles (we didn’t force Zain to walk the whole time, he walked some and hitched a ride in the stroller for most of the walk) to get there so we could enjoy the weather and the beautiful views along the Seine.




We went to check out my husband’s school and make sure he was okay with his metro route to get there.  He started classes this week and the kids and I managed to get along okay on our own.  Maneuvering the stroller on my own is a little bit of a challenge because the crosswalk ramps are frequently not flush with the street so we have to lift the front of the stroller slightly to get up.  That’s a little hard to do alone when crossing a busy street.  Plus a lot of the streets have tiny narrow sidewalks to it’s hard to get around in general.


The stroller we bought on this trip is called a Kinderwagon.  I searched high and low to find the most compact double stroller and this seems to be it.  Its footprint isn’t much bigger than a standard single umbrella stroller so it’s perfect for narrow sidewalks.  Our only complaint is that it’s not the easiest to push or maneuver for quick turns without some effort, but it’s still the best option we could find.  The front seat doesn’t recline much so when one kid needs to nap, they have to go in the back.  The back is pretty comfy for either of them, but probably a little less so for Zain.  The back seat is a little small, but he still likes sitting back there because he can see really well since it sits up higher.




I’ve been loving every run here.  The views are stunning.  We found a great area nearby that is a road closed to traffic by the Seine.  It’s full of runners, walkers, and cyclists and a great place to escape the traffic and stopping at crosswalks.  Plus when the road ends, you’re almost at the base of the Eiffel Tower!


The reasons why I need to keep running a lot



Berges de Seine – the perfect place to run




Walking up 5 flights of stairs post-run is always fun