I’m still here!

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I intended to take a short blogging break over the holidays, but my break went on longer than planned after my grad classes started last week.  I spent the first half of the week feeling completely overwhelmed by the amount of work I had to get done in just the first week.  How was I [...]

Giving away Bits!

Magical bits

Two weeks ago, I started to come down with a cold thanks to the millions of germs my 3.5 year old likes to bring home from preschool.  I thought that was the perfect time to try out some Recovery Bits – 100% chlorella algae.  I’ve had such a great experience with Energy Bits that I’ve [...]

Health update and a Kona Kase review


I had an appointment yesterday with a pulmonary specialist.  He couldn’t really give me a reason why I have pleurisy.  Usually, people have pleurisy because of a serious illness like pneumonia or tuberculosis or because of trauma to that region of the body.  I have not been sick and definitely haven’t had any trauma that [...]

Powered by Bits – Energy Bits Review and Giveaway!

In the twitterverse, I’ve seen lots of fellow runners talk about Energy Bits.  They sounded intriguing so when the company generously offered to send me a sample, I was pretty excited.  I’ve made a huge effort in the past few years to cut down or eliminate my consumption of anything artificial or generally bad for [...]

Adjusting to life with my 2 boys

I prefer not to add any artificial ingredients to my baby burrito

Well, really it’s 3 boys if you count hubby :). Last week was my first week on my own with both boys and we all survived.  Lucky for me, Ezra is an easy baby so far (I’m probably jinxing myself by saying that) so as long as he’s fed and has a clean diaper, he [...]

“Race” Recap: Turkey Trot 5K & Shower Pill Review

I ran a (very slow) 5K at 33 weeks pregnant

On Thanksgiving morning, hubby, Zain and I made the long quarter of a mile trek to the meeting spot of our neighborhood informal Turkey Trot 5K.  Since I assumed we’d just be walking, I figured, why not sip some hot coffee along the way? When we arrived at the starting area, I was really impressed [...]

Zipfizz Product Review and Giveaway

The spread

Disclaimer: This is the worst product review ever.  I can’t actually review Zipfizz because their label does say that it is not recommended for pregnant women.  Given that I’m pregnant, I can’t actually try the yummy looking flavors they sent to me to test out. Anyway, I’ll still fill you in on the awesomeness that [...]