Before I got pregnant, I knew I wanted to try to run through my next pregnancy.  I did not run when I was pregnant with Zain because I was not running consistently before I got pregnant; therefore, running while pregnant wasn’t even an option.

I found out I was pregnant 2 days before I ran the Iron Girl Half Marathon.  Not running the race never crossed my mind because I had trained for it and felt good about still running it.  I knew I might have to adjust my race plan and I was okay with that.  I planned to walk if I needed to or slow down to a more comfortable pace.  I was only 4 weeks pregnant at the race so the real only symptom I had at that point was the occasional dizziness.  I felt dizzy a few times during the race so I just slowed down until it passed.

The funny thing was that during the race, I kept thinking, “I’m pregnant and I’m running a half marathon!” A couple years ago, I never thought I’d run through a pregnancy at all, let alone a long distance race. Granted, it was so early that most women wouldn’t have even known they were pregnant yet! I managed to pull of a big PR at that race and that’s pretty much the last time I ran fast since I found out I was pregnant.

After the race, I had my mystery injury pop up.  I agonized over that injury more than I would have had I not been pregnant.  I was concerned that if I had to take 6-8 weeks off to heal, I could say goodbye to my chance to run through my pregnancy.  Thankfully, a little bit of rest and some KT Tape fixed me up and I was able to get back to it.

Since I was coming off that injury and pregnant, my running changed drastically.  I have slowed down to a pace that most people could probably walk at.  After spending over a year busting my ass to get faster, it sucks to be slow again.  I’m okay with it though.  When I wasn’t pregnant, I could abuse my body all I wanted when I ran to make it go faster, but now I’m not just running for me.  I’m running for 2 and the little person inside me needs me to slow down so I can, ya know, breathe and stuff.

The first trimester was not kind to me.  I didn’t experience much morning sickness with Zain so to make up for that, I’ve had all-day sickness this time around.  The nausea plus my perpetual state of exhaustion hasn’t made it easy to keep running.

What has kept me moving is my running streak.  When I first heard about Runner’s World Summer Running Streak, I wanted to participate, but figured that I couldn’t because I’m pregnant.  Then I thought about it a little more…if I take it really easy, keep my mileage low, and include some walking, why can’t I do it? I also googled “pregnant and running streak” and came upon Run Inspired’s blog.  She is pregnant and streaking, plus she just completed her 4th half marathon while pregnant so she’s pretty much my hero.

My streak has kept me moving when I don’t want to move.  Running gives me energy and makes me feel better, even if it’s only for a little while.  I guarantee that without the streak, I’d be lucky if I ran 2 or 3 days a week.  I know that if I ran that little, I’d end up giving up on running because I’d lose my fitness even faster than I already have.  But not to worry, I’m not out there running as hard as I can every day.  My runs are at a very easy pace and almost always include at least one walking break (or sometimes 6, just depends on the day).  If I had a day where I really did not feel up to running, I walked at least a mile.  No, it’s not running, but I’m still doing something.  Maybe that makes me a running streak phony, but so be it.

That’s everything that I’ve been wanting so badly to say for the past 2 months, but couldn’t because I was still in the pregnancy closet.  I’m so excited to be running through this pregnancy (and I do have my doctor’s permission to do so).  I’m also thrilled to be able to share my journey through my blog.

Thank you to everyone for all your kind words yesterday! I’m so thankful that I’ve connected with so many wonderful and supportive people through my blog.  I also have to add a big thank you to my hubby who has not only endured painfully slow runs with me over the past 2 months, but also my occasional frequent constant whining about not feeling well.  Today is our 4th anniversary so Happy Anniversary, love! :)

Happy running!