What I love lately

It even works with Ezra's sunshade mostly down. The kid freaks out if the sun gets in his eyes even for a second.

I used to do posts on Fridays about my favorite things, but that was like 2 years ago.  Time to start sharing some of my current faves. These guys.  Obviously. “Ezra, let me see your teeth.”   The weather shield for my BOB Duallie.  I loved using the weather shield on my single BOB back [...]

Double Stroller Running

I love the look of joy on his face on the swing

You may remember from my previous stroller running posts that I am quite a stickler for the rule of waiting until baby is 6 months old to take them out on a run in the jogging stroller.  I had planned to wait until Ezra was 6 months old to run with him, but one day [...]

Starting to get the itch…

Magnet, keychain and iPhone case

…the itch to run! Yes, this is actually a post about running! I spent the second half of my pregnancy frustrated that I couldn’t keep running thanks to the posterior tibial tendonitis that was holding me back.  I eventually came to terms with the fact that I wouldn’t be one of those women who blissfully [...]

“Race” Recap: Turkey Trot 5K & Shower Pill Review

I ran a (very slow) 5K at 33 weeks pregnant

On Thanksgiving morning, hubby, Zain and I made the long quarter of a mile trek to the meeting spot of our neighborhood informal Turkey Trot 5K.  Since I assumed we’d just be walking, I figured, why not sip some hot coffee along the way? When we arrived at the starting area, I was really impressed [...]

Zipfizz Product Review and Giveaway

The spread

Disclaimer: This is the worst product review ever.  I can’t actually review Zipfizz because their label does say that it is not recommended for pregnant women.  Given that I’m pregnant, I can’t actually try the yummy looking flavors they sent to me to test out. Anyway, I’ll still fill you in on the awesomeness that [...]

Why you need a jogging stroller (and how to pick one)

This is my favorite view when I run

As a stay at home mom/running mom, there are 2 very important pieces of equipment that I need to keep running: my jogging stroller and my treadmill.  If you’re better than me, then all you need is an alarm clock to wake up and get moving before your kids and spouse wake up.  For me, [...]

A visit to the newest Athleta store!

I hear angels singing

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of going to the opening of the new Athleta store in Towson, MD. It was about a 45 minute drive to the store from my house. Close enough to go when necessary, but thankfully far enough away that the damage to my bank account will not occur too frequently. The [...]