Today will be day 12 of the Runner’s World Summer Running Streak. I actually began my streak 2 days before the RW streak so here I am 14 days later and I feel great!

What I love about this streak is that since I’m not training for any races at the moment, I still have something to keep me motivated. Everyday, there is not a question of if I will run, because I will run no matter what. Sure there have been plenty of 1 mile easy days, but at least I’m doing something when I probably would have been doing nothing otherwise.

I am very lucky to have a treadmill so that’s where I spend a lot of my 1 mile days. It sure is easier to stay motivated on the treadmill when you only have to go a mile!

I have been feeling great injury-wise. My mileage hasn’t been that high (only 24 miles last week) so I think that’s helping. I did have a minor panic attack last week when I had some soreness on the top of my foot near my ankle. It lasted for less than 24 hours and I think it was from tying my running shoes too tight. Oops!

My foot/ankle injury from last month hasn’t bothered me a single bit until I did something stupid at the beginning of this week. I decided to try my Saucony Kinvaras again even though I had been suspicious that they’d played a role in my injury. I only wore them for one of my one mile runs. I felt fine during the run, but then I felt that same tightness return to my ankle afterward. It’s fine now, but that does confirm to me that those shoes don’t work for me. It’s such a bummer because I really liked them!

Other than that minor setback, I’m really happy with how my streak is going. Is anyone else streaking? How is it going for you?