Turkey Trot 5K race recap and the Winter 100 Challenge


Last week, we ran the informal Turkey Trot 5K in our neighborhood on Thanksgiving morning.  It’s not an official race, but it has become a fun neighborhood tradition over the past few years.  Last year, I “ran” the race while 30-something weeks pregnant and it took me about 37 minutes.  Not terrible considering that I [...]

What I love lately

It even works with Ezra's sunshade mostly down. The kid freaks out if the sun gets in his eyes even for a second.

I used to do posts on Fridays about my favorite things, but that was like 2 years ago.  Time to start sharing some of my current faves. These guys.  Obviously. “Ezra, let me see your teeth.”   The weather shield for my BOB Duallie.  I loved using the weather shield on my single BOB back [...]

Grad school and pushing almost 90lbs in the stroller


The Winter 100 Challenge is back! I have a great lineup of prizes this year so hurry up and register! This week I registered for my first semester of graduate school at the Maryland University for Integrative Health (MUIH).  I’ll be taking Foundations in Organic Chemistry, Foundations of Health and Wellness, Physiology I: Healthy Function, [...]

Single stroller running and my first obstacle race


I thought I’d find more time to blog once Zain was back in school, but it turns out that this little guy keeps me quite busy in the mornings. Usually he takes a morning nap, but it doesn’t give me much time to get a whole lot done.  Sometimes we spend his nap running. I’ve [...]

Racking up the double stroller miles

Screen Shot 2013-06-18 at 1.25.38 PM

I just posted last week about my introduction to double stroller running and how it hasn’t been easy. Since I know it’s not easy, you’d think I would plan better than to do a silly thing like go for a 10 mile run with that beast. Not so much. My husband and I planned to [...]

Double Stroller Running

I love the look of joy on his face on the swing

You may remember from my previous stroller running posts that I am quite a stickler for the rule of waiting until baby is 6 months old to take them out on a run in the jogging stroller.  I had planned to wait until Ezra was 6 months old to run with him, but one day [...]

Why you need a jogging stroller (and how to pick one)

This is my favorite view when I run

As a stay at home mom/running mom, there are 2 very important pieces of equipment that I need to keep running: my jogging stroller and my treadmill.  If you’re better than me, then all you need is an alarm clock to wake up and get moving before your kids and spouse wake up.  For me, [...]