The 2012/2013 Winter 100 Challenge starts NOW!

Do you have your cold running gear ready? At least you lucky folks out there running through the winter will warm up as you get moving.  Walking in the wintertime pretty much sucks – walking doesn’t generate enough body heat! If you haven’t committed to the challenge yet, you still can! In case you aren’t [...]

The Winter 100 Challenge is officially back!

That’s right, folks. It is on starting December 1st so get ready! The challenge is basically the same for those of you that participated last year; the only exception is that there is no registration this year. Since I want to make it easy for anyone to participate whether they join the challenge in December [...]

I have good news!

I’m pregnant! Just kidding, you already knew that. But holy moly, less than 2 months until my due date.  Where has the time gone? I’d like to say my good news is that my ankle is all better, but that’s not quite it either.  It has improved significantly, but it’s not 100% yet.  Working with [...]