Heart rate training update

It’s been about 3 weeks since I took the plunge into heart rate training with the Maffetone Method.  The beginning really sucked.  It was hard for me to figure out how to run slower than I was already running to keep my heart rate where it needed to be (147bpm is my max).  I had [...]

Why you need a jogging stroller (and how to pick one)

This is my favorite view when I run

As a stay at home mom/running mom, there are 2 very important pieces of equipment that I need to keep running: my jogging stroller and my treadmill.  If you’re better than me, then all you need is an alarm clock to wake up and get moving before your kids and spouse wake up.  For me, [...]

15 miles and a stroller

My view for 15 miles

Saturday morning, I was all dressed and set to head out the door for my 15 mile run.  While chatting with hubby, he suggested that maybe I could wait until Sunday for my long run and run with him.  I knew 15 miles with the stroller would be tough, but our training schedules (he’s training [...]

Goodbye hills…hello speedwork!

For the past week, I feel like I’ve been chained to my treadmill.  I’m trying my best to embrace the treadmill instead of detesting it.  It’s giving my knee a little bit of a break from the hard surfaces outside and it allows me to focus on my form which is hard to do when [...]

Embracing the treadmill

I once posted about the ridiculous lengths I went to for a run to avoid being stuck on the treadmill.  Lately, I’ve found myself willing getting on the treadmill for a variety of reasons – weather that isn’t conducive to stroller running, weather that doesn’t sound appealing to run in because I’m a wimp, or [...]

The problems of a running mom

The absolute biggest obstacle I face when it comes to my training: sleep. I never get a full night of sleep.  Zain will be 2 in just a couple weeks and he still does not regularly sleep through the night.  I accepted this fact for a long time because we chose not to do sleep [...]

What works for someone else…

does not work for everyone. Instead of my usual cup of coffee (more accurately my shot of espresso since that is my usual pre-long run source of energy) before my run this morning, I tried an energy shot (Street King from GNC) that a fellow running blogger recommended.  It says it has the caffeine equivalent [...]