I’m still here!

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I intended to take a short blogging break over the holidays, but my break went on longer than planned after my grad classes started last week.  I spent the first half of the week feeling completely overwhelmed by the amount of work I had to get done in just the first week.  How was I [...]

Grad school and pushing almost 90lbs in the stroller


The Winter 100 Challenge is back! I have a great lineup of prizes this year so hurry up and register! This week I registered for my first semester of graduate school at the Maryland University for Integrative Health (MUIH).  I’ll be taking Foundations in Organic Chemistry, Foundations of Health and Wellness, Physiology I: Healthy Function, [...]

Homemade Almond Milk


Rich in selenium, manganese, magnesium, and vitamin E, almond milk is a heart-healthy delicious alternative to dairy milk. Being vegetarians, we rely a lot on non-animal sources of protein and other nutrients in our house.  One of the main ways we do this is with nuts.  Lots and lots of nuts (and seeds). Almonds, walnuts, [...]

Heart rate training, shoes, and veggies


This weekend I did something I haven’t done for months – I ran without my heart rate monitor.  It was liberating and it was glorious not to hear my Garmin’s obnoxious chime that my heart rate was too high. I had a realization this past week when I was getting increasingly frustrated with how slow [...]

Vacation and back to school


Zain is back in preschool so that means I have a tiny bit more time to actually blog.  This summer really flew by.  We wrapped up our summer with a trip to St. Thomas.  We weren’t planning on going on vacation this summer because it was hard to squeeze one in with my husband’s grad [...]

More heart rate training and a new chapter


My heart rate training is continuing to go well and I’m finding that I really love this method.  Before I started the Maffetone Method, I felt pretty disappointed in my running shape.  I struggled to maintain a pace that was once easy for me.  When I attempted speed work, it felt like it was too [...]

Adjusting to life with my 2 boys

I prefer not to add any artificial ingredients to my baby burrito

Well, really it’s 3 boys if you count hubby :). Last week was my first week on my own with both boys and we all survived.  Lucky for me, Ezra is an easy baby so far (I’m probably jinxing myself by saying that) so as long as he’s fed and has a clean diaper, he [...]