• Running with the stroller.  Getting used to running with the stroller takes time, practice and patience.  Running with the stroller is much harder than running alone because of the added resistance.  It also takes time to get used to losing your natural arm swing when you run.  You have to figure out if it’s more comfortable for you to use one hand to push, both hands or switch between hands.  Just be sure to always keep the safety strap of your stroller on one of your wrists.  Check out my list of tips for running with the jogging stroller and how to pick a jogging stroller!
  • Running with your baby.  It is not recommended that you run with your little on until they are at least 6 months of age.  I know that can seem like forever when you’re dying to get out to run and have no choice but to bring the bebe along.  There are many reasons why you should wait that long – head control, when the baby can sit up, when they can handle the bouncing of the stroller, etc.  Plus, 6 months is the minimum recommended age that jogging stroller manufacturers suggest.  Of course, it’s okay to walk with your little on in the stroller before 6 months so go ahead and enjoy the fresh air on a brisk walk, but don’t start running with the baby yet.  Before 6 months, have a family member watch your little one so you can get some “me time” in during a run.
  • Get doctor clearance.  Don’t start any exercise program until you’ve been cleared by your OB/doctor! Please, oh please, make sure it’s safe to start running again before lacing up those running shoes.  Most doctors want you to wait until 6 weeks postpartum.
  • Make sure you have the right gear.  You should use a stroller that is intended for jogging.  Your travel system stroller will not do.  I once saw a neighbor wearing jeans running with the baby in her Graco travel system stroller.  I won’t even start with the jeans while running right now, but the travel system stroller is not a safe option for running with the baby.  It doesn’t provide the same shock absorption as a jogging stroller.
  • Storage for all your running needs.  One nice thing about running with the baby in the jogging stroller is the storage possibilities.  You can bring along your water bottle, a sippy cup and snack for the little one, a jacket in case it’s chilly, a blanket for the baby, diapers, and more.  So be sure to pack what you’ll both need once you’re out the door!
  • For the nursing mom.  If you’re breastfeeding, I’d recommend nursing or pumping before you run so you don’t feel uncomfortable while running.  You might also want to bring along a nursing cover or blanket (if you feel more comfortable using a cover) in case your baby gets hungry while you’re out.  I always stashed my Bebe au Lait cover under the stroller- just in case! If you are prone to breast infections or clogged ducts, be careful about how your sports bra fits as that can aggravate those problems.
  • Keep Track.  Get a running journal, use a spreadsheet or find a website like Dailymile, Runkeeper, or Map My Run where you can log all of your runs.  This will help you see your progress while you’re training.  It’s a great motivator to see how much you improve as time goes on.
  • I’m not an expert, but I’m happy to answer any questions you have.  Contact me!