And the winners are…

This post may not be as exciting as reading about the Oscars’ winners, but hopefully it makes a few people happy The winners of the 2013-2014 Winter 100 Challenge are…. The Nuun sample pack goes to Holly H. The Energy Bits sample pack goes to Christine K. The ProCompression socks go to Jamie M. The [...]

The Winter 100 Challenge is almost over!


The Winter 100 Challenge ends on Friday (February 28) so hurry up send me your training log! It has been so wonderful to have so many participants again this year.  I love that some of you have done the challenge for the third year in a row! A huge thank you to all of our sponsors! [...]

Grad school and pushing almost 90lbs in the stroller


The Winter 100 Challenge is back! I have a great lineup of prizes this year so hurry up and register! This week I registered for my first semester of graduate school at the Maryland University for Integrative Health (MUIH).  I’ll be taking Foundations in Organic Chemistry, Foundations of Health and Wellness, Physiology I: Healthy Function, [...]

Winter 100 Challenge Winners!

The day you’ve all been waiting for (and running lots of miles for) is here! I’m simply amazed by how many people participated in this challenge again this year.  It’s so wonderful to see how each and every one of you has stayed motivated and stuck to your running goals this winter.  Thank you to [...]

The Winter 100 Challenge ends today!

I don’t know about you, but the past 3 months have flown by for me.  Maybe the whole having a baby and living in a sleep deprived state makes time go by quicker or something. I’ve already received lots of mileage logs and I’m looking forward to seeing more as the day goes on.  It [...]

Painting, baking and running

Cake pops

It’s almost baby time! I’m 37.5 weeks so just two and a half weeks until my due date.  Although, since I’m full term, this little man is welcome to make his entrance anytime he wants now.  We can’t wait! I’m delivering at a different hospital this time so we went for a tour of the [...]

Mama, I wanna run

One of Zain’s favorite activities since he could walk was to run in circles around our kitchen island. He likes for us to run with him and he’ll come up to me and say “Mama, I wanna run! Come on, mama!” It’s really the most adorable thing and it’s impossible to say no to his [...]